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Protection and the Procedure

In today’s healthcare environment, it’s more important than ever for clinicians to be equipped with the proper protective apparel.

AAMI PB70, ASTM F 2407, EN 13795, EN 14126, EN 13034 are the Globally accepted Levels of classifications for protective apparel based on its required performance. Innogryl* Isolation Gowns conform to AAMI Levels 1, 2 & 3.Innogryl* Surgical GownsConform to Class 1 Medical Devices as per US FDA Standard ASTM F 2407 & European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Innogryl* provides barrier protection based on these guidelines and avoid the risk of contamination and transmission of infectious organisms.

Manufacturing & Assurance of Standards

Innogryl* is a Brand owned by Innovative Non-Woven Solutions that manufactures Nonwoven Fabrics SMS with 3 layers and Isolation Gowns on its own factory and ensures AAMI PB70 , ASTM F 2407 as per FDA requirements and BS EN 13795, BS EN 14126, BS EN 13034 as per European Standards. These Guidelines are met by each batch and tested within its state of the art inhouse Laboratory.

Innorgyl* is manufactured in factories with ISO 9001-2015 & ISO 13485 -2016 Certifications.

Innogryl* – Beyond AAMI

To meet AAMI Guidelines, protective apparel must achieve minimum performance standards for strength, barrier performance and liquid resistance. Each garment must be fully protective throughthe critical zones and be clearly labeled toindicate the level of protection provided, fromAAMI Level 1 (lowest) to AAMI Level 4 (highest).INNO 1, INNO 2 and INNO 3 Isolation Gownsmeet all AAMI specifications for Level 1, 2 and 3protection.In the fight against highly contagious deceaseslike Covid -19, reducing the risk of transfer ofinfectious organisms by contact is an importantstrategy. The ability of a gown to protect againstthe transfer of pathogens from the environmentto the wearer’s work clothes or scrubs is a bigadvantage in reducing the spread of infectiousagents. Gowns should be able to resist penetrationby liveorganisms, bacterial spores anddroplets.Innogryl* is tested for ASTM F 2407 to meet the Surgical Gown / Suit requirements.

Innogryl* - European Medical Device Directive 93/42/eec

To meet E U Standards, Class 1 Medical Device Surgical Gown must achieve minimum performance standards for strength, barrier performance and liquid resistance. Each garment must be fully protective through the critical zones and be clearly labeled to indicate the level of protection provided. Innogryl* is Tested for BS EN 13795 -1: 2019 , BS EN 14126 – 2013 & BS EN 13034 -2015

Materials Descriptions

SMS Material

Balanced mix of protection and comfort

Strong and breathable, spun bound / Met blown/Spun bound (SMS)is a multi-layer fabric composed of inner layers of melt blown polypropylenebetween outer layers of spun bound polypropylene that

is ideal for extended wear. Light/Medium weight SMS is appropriatefor low amount of fluid and heavy weight SMS may be appropriatefor moderate contract with fluids.

Spunbound Polypropylene

Standard, cost-effective and comfortable

For fabric infection control, this non-woven fabric bounds fiberstogether to form a single layer that is appropriate only for everyminimal fluid exposure.

Why Innovative Nonwoven?

Innovative Non-Woven Solutions is one of the leading Polypropylene Spun-bond / Spun-melt(SMS) Non-Woven fabric manufacturer in the GCC.

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