Hygiene is a very important aspect of our daily lives and this makes the demand in this industry to be very high.

Manufacturing companies in this industry try to meet up with the increasing demands; producing quality products at the same time trying to make the profit. At Innovative Nonwoven Solutions, we offer cost-effective solutions that meet the non-woven requirements for hygiene applications.

Innovative Nonwoven Solution offers a range of SS and SMS fabrics confirming to International standards and catering to various segments in the hygienic industry. These products are developed specifically according to the customer’s requirements in order to meet all the requirements of the customers who use it for the production of the following:

  • Single-use Baby Diapers
  • Nappies and towels for people suffering from incontinence
  • Ladies’ hygienic towels and ladies slip towels
  • Non-woven filters for air and water

The three most significant product categories for the hygiene market are Spunbond / Melt blown composites (SMS), hydrophilic spunbond, and hydrophobic spunbond.


Basically, a barrier fabric, which will resist the passage of fluids, but is air permeable. Used for leg-cuffs in non-woven baby diapers, and for back sheet lamination.

Hydrophilic Spunbond

Fluid will pass through readily, with no return. It is highly used in making a top sheet for baby diapers.

Hydrophobic spunbond

as a result of their high tensile strength they are used in making back sheet lamination for baby diapers. An economical alternative to SMS materials.

Other Materials for Hygiene

we are genuinely committed to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectation and demands which is why have keep innovating. We are readily available to work with customers, to develop and manufacture materials specific to their requirements.

The material is produced at 1.6 meters wide. the production line, and is subsequently slit and re-wound into roll dimensions as per customer requirements. Finished rolls are combined into multi-roll packs, wrapped in PE stretch film. Supply can be on pallets, or without pallets, depending on customer preference.

Nonwoven hygiene materials have redefined the quality of life and health of many people worldwide. Unlike the traditional materials used, nonwoven hygiene materials have excellent absorption properties, they are soft, and other awesome properties.