Furniture Upholstery

Using quality material for your furniture comes with several advantages.

Spun-bonded nonwoven materials have important applications in the medical industry such as production of non-woven disposable surgical gowns, surgical packs & drapes, non-toxic equipment cover, Sterilization Wraps, Isolation, examination, and patient Gowns, Scrub suits, Soft Bedding cover, surgical pads, face masks, comfortable surgical caps, bouffant cap, patient clothes, visitor gowns, surgical tablecloth, bed sheets and biodegradable wound dressings etc.One of them is the confidence and rest of mind you have in such products, you don’t have to worry about changing them so soon.

In recent times, the nonwoven fabric is fast replacing the traditional woven fabric because polypropylene non-woven fabric has a strong tear and wear resistance capability. In this regard, the spunbond nonwoven fabric is used extensively in the furniture industry. It is used in non-woven carpet backings, non-woven pillows, and non-woven mattress and sofas packaging, curtains, and many more items.

Why Non-woven

Nonwoven fabric guarantees you get a worthy value for any amount you spend on furniture.